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Grillstream Smashgrill Barbecue

The SmashGrill 4 Burner Barbecue, by name, is the first ever dedicated smash grill system. It presents an expansive non-stick flat plate surface measuring at a generous 91cm x 44cm, which is perfect for cooking everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

The SmashGrill eliminates the need to switch between different grills or pans and empowers users to effortlessly prepare different dishes, such as fried eggs, pancakes, stir fried vegetables, or any of the usual barbecue fayre. Plus, our innovative U-shaped burners ensure optimal heat distribution across the entire cooking surface, guaranteeing delicious results every time

Our adjustable flat plate is also designed to tilt slightly forward, which helps to effortlessly stream away all the fats and juices, keeping your food cleaner, tastier and healthier. As the fats and juices stream away, they will travel down the channel to the handy removable fat cup for safe disposal.

With the SmashGrill, we have crafted a space to keep your gas bottle neatly tucked away, so it doesn't clutter up your garden. As well as a double shelf storage meaning you've got plenty of room to organise all your BBQ tools and ingredients.

With safety in mind, we have also equipped our innovative GasSure system. This system takes away the unease of using gas as it keeps track of your gas levels and even detects potential leaks, automatically shutting off the flow to prevent any gas fires.

Never compromise on convenience. With its built-in U-shaped gas burners you can easily reach and maintain the perfect grilling temperature.

• Surface cooking area: 91 cm x 44 cm

• U-shaped burners for complete heat distribution

• Double shelf storage

• Gas bottle storage

• Removable fat cup for easy cleaning

• Designed in the UK

• A PlanetMark registered company

10 year limited warranty - For more information click here

Number of Burners - 4

Flat Plate - 91 cm x 44 cm

Heat Output- 14kW

Warranty -10 year limited warranty

Flame - Integrated Piezo ignition

Hybrid SystemNo


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