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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

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Houseplants are usually tropical or temperature sensitive plants, that have a higher minimum temperature to their outdoor garden counterparts. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours.

We stock a concise selection of houseplants.

We have a good selection of folaiage plants including Ficus (ornamental),Chlorophytum (Spider plants),Yucca, Calathea, Saintpaulia (african violet),Rubber plant, (ficus elastica) and Boston fern (Nephrolepsis) to name a few.

We also stock a selection of Cacti and succulents such as Aloe vera, Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera),Sanseveria and Kalanchoe.

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We always have a selection of Orchids, ideal as a gift or for the those dreary sides. Orchids add a splash of exotic to any area and are incredibly low maintenance.  We most commonly stock Phalaenopsis and Cymbidiums.

We also carry a stock of stunning flowering indoor plants, such as Hibiscus, Streptocarpus, Saint Paulia, Spathiphylum, Jasmine and Begonias.

We also commonly carry Venus Fly traps, citrus plants, and many other tropical plants. Our range changes seasonally and weekly to keep the range fresh and new. So always check back in to see what we have in new.

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Wide range of indoor plants suitable for all situations. Large foliage plants to colourful flowering plants, with a wide selection of cacti and succulents