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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre 

The Gardeners' Garden Centre

Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

The Gardeners' Garden Centre


Shrubs, Trees & Hedging


For structure and height in the garden there is no better option than shrubs. We have an extensive range of shrubs in our large and expansive plant area. We like to offer an excellent selection all-year round.

Our most common varieties and most popular choices include, Weigela, Buddleja, Berberis, Cordyline, Euonymus, Hebe, Holly, Pieris, Ceanothus, Pittosporum, Skimia, Viburnum, Pyrancantha, Lavander, Rosemary, Japanese Acers and Hydrangea.

With a specialised Rhododendron and Camellia House we also have an array of varieties all

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If your looking for the perfect tree for the garden, we have an excellent selection of trees for all situations.  We carry in stock all year round both fruit trees and bushes, and ornamental trees for every location.

The common types we carry in stock as large trees include, Eucalyptus, Acers, Crataegus (hawthorn),Sorbus, Betula (birch),Salix (willow),Prunus (flowering cherry),Malus (crab apple),Fagus (beech),Magnolia, and Lilac.

So if your wanting those impact large trees look no further than Tamar View. We are also able to deliver the trees to ease your buying.

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We stock a wide selection of the best hedging options available. We carry both deciduous and evergreen options.

With the deciduous offerings most commonly in stock being, Beech both green or copper, and berberis.

Evergreen hedging plants often include Privet, Buxus, Griselinia, Photinia, Escallonia, Eleagnus and Leylandii.

For the perfect hedge, we have all the plants, the soil and the information you need.

For large quantities please enquire with the nursery staff or by calling 01752 847366.

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