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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre 

The Gardeners' Garden Centre

Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

The Gardeners' Garden Centre


Tools & Irrigation


We have a large range of tools from 5 main suppliers. With our range of Wolf Garten tools and their multi change system, you wont be missing any garden tool essentials.

We also stock a range of traditional tools such as mattocks, picks, axes, and hayforks to name a few. We also have excellent range of forks from stainless steel to budget carbon steel. 

So whether its hoes, or brooms, rakes or edging irons, we will have something for every occasion.

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In our well stocked shop area, we stock a wide range of hoses, connectors, nozzles and lances. Our claber range is all high quality and fully compatible with all quick click connections such as Hozelock.

We also stock a wide range of watering cans, from indoor and outdoor use. We sell Haws watering cans and roses, and Galvanised cans too.

We also carry a range of water butts and stands, from narrow space savers to large 200l butts. We also carry all the accessories and connections to finish that irrigation project.

So whatever your irrigation needs, come along to Tamar View and get your water flowing.

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