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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre 

The Gardeners' Garden Centre

Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

The Gardeners' Garden Centre


Chemicals & Feeds

Chemicals & Feeds

We carry all the top brand names of your favourite feeds, weedkillers and pesticides. so whether its a simple feed like growmore, or a disease control problem, come and see us! As we buy in bulk to get reduced cost, they are all very competitively priced and with excellent range and selection!

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So whether its a simple feed like growmore, or bonemeal, or a more allrounded feed like Q4 , or a specialist houseplant feed , or ericaceous feeds, we stock them all. If you dont know what you need, ask one of our knowledgeable team to get your plants growing.  We also carry bulk bags of Bonemeal, Blood fish and bone, growmore and poultry manure for the larger gardens.

Organic Feeds and Weedkillers

With the ever increasing popularity of organic gardening, we carry a wide range of Neudorff organic pet safe chemicals. We have an organic treatment for most feeds, weedkillers, and pest control, including slug killers, cat repellent and ant killers. So if your an organic gardener, dont despair, you can still have a tip top garden with little fuss or hassle!

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Pest & Disease Control

Whether its slugs, rats, vine weevil, aphids, cats or wildlife, we will have somethign in our extensive range to help solve your problem! Whether you have black spot of your roses, or greenfly on your cabbages come along and pick up that treatment with us. We carry the best known brands and some less known brands to help get those problem pests on the decline. We carry copper tape and slug mats, and slug gone wool pellets for the more organic means of control, and ultrasonic pest repellers to solve those vermin and cat issues!


Whether your looking to kill that dandelion in your borders, or clear a driveway we have the weddkiller for you. We have all purpose weedkillers like Roundup, to more directed killers like Tree & Stump killers. We also have specific targetted lawn weedkillers such as Verdone. We carry the popular path weedkillers such as Weedol Pathclear and Roundup. If your looking for a brushwood killer for those tougher weeds, like brambles, why not try SBK the ideal killer for the harder and touger weeds! Ask our staff and they can direct you to a weed free garden!

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Lawn Feeds and Controls 

A perfect lawn is one of the hardest things to manage in the garden. Whether it be means to fix patches, green up the lawn, or sort the weeds, you will need the right thing for the job. At Tamar View we have bulk all in one treatments and also smaller individual treatments for specific roles. We carry lawn sands, liquid lawn feeds, and weedkillers. The range will be season dependent. An autumn lawn feed is actually the most important feed of the year but often the most neglected. So come and speak to an expert to get the most of that lawn!