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Conifers come in a vast range of colours and many change shade during the year. Careful choice can give you a great splash of colour in autumn and winter when most other plants are dormant. Size is determined by variety and not by size at planting. Most plant labels carry a 10-year height as part of the description.

We carry a wide range of conifers, ideal for the garden. We stock a range of shapes, colours and varieties of specimens for architectural use. We stock slow growing, dwarf conifers suitable for pots and planters, or for the borders.

We carry all the main genus' in a wide range of species and cultivars such as as Chamaecyparis, Picea, Cryptomeria, Juniperus, Taxus, and Thuja.

With conifers being evergreen, these can become an integral skeleton to the garden, with all year colour keeping that structure in the garden.

For any quieries please call on 01752 847366.

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