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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre 

The Gardeners' Garden Centre

Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

The Gardeners' Garden Centre




Our extensive shop has a huge selection of all your gardening and growing needs! Whether your after some simple vegetable seeds, to fully equipping your greenhouse, we will fit your needs. We buy our stock in large quantities to get speciall offer prices to pass onto you customers. We also often have very special one of clearance offers so keep an eye out for the deals as once theyve gone, theyve gone!



We carry all the essentials to get your cuttings, seeds, and young plants growing! We carry a variety of propagators, both heated and unheated. We stock a wide range of sized seed trays, potting on trays and large individual pots. We carry all the essentials such as dibbers, base trays and cloches. So whatever your growing, we can fit your need.

Plastic Pots & Trays 

Our plastic pot range is extensive. It contains from simple plastic pots, to troughs. We also stock decorative plastic pots to help make them easier to move. We also have a range of self watering baskets and planters, with built in water reservoirs! cut down on those holiday concerns!

We also carry various sizes and depths of trays. Our range largely comprises of Stewarts Pots which are high quality whilst being excellent value for money!

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Flower & Vegetable Seeds

We stock seeds for both the flowering garden and the keen vegetable grower. Being a traditional garden centre, we sell a selection of vegetable seeds loose by weight. We also sell a range of packet seeds. Our range changes seasonally with our biggest and widest range being in the Spring through Summer, with a lesser selection for your overwintering plants. So whatever the time of year we can still get you the best value seeds for the job!


We have two main bulb seasons, the spring flowering bulbs, and the summer flowering. The spring flowering bulbs, containing tulips, narcissus, crocus and iris are stocked in the autumn, ready for planting in the late autumn early winter.

The summer flowering is stocked in the early spring ready for immediate planting. These include Dahlias, Lilies, Begonia and Gladioli for example.

We  also carry vegetable bulbs, and sets to get the allotmenteer going! We sell loose seed potatoes, onion and shallol sets and various other vegetables. The largest selection being in the spring. But a small selection can be found in the autumn ranges too.

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Garden Sundries

Screws, glazing clips, liners, baskets, strimmer line, tarpaulin, nails, ropes, sprayers, spreaders, strings, twines, water butts, incinerators and bins. Our sundries range is broad and contains everything youd need. 


Wellington Boots & Gloves

We have a good quality and affordable range of Town & Country gloves for all occasions, from the heavy duty rigger gloves, to professional leather gloves. So whether you want waterproof gauntlets to small childrens gloves, our range will fit your bill!

We also have a range of Town & Countryfootwear, including clogs, short wellies, long traditional wellies, and garden shoes. We stock various different designs and colours.

Supports, Canes, Stakes

Whether you want bamboo or metal core, or larger timber stakes, we carry all three! We carry a range of sizes for all applications.  We also stock a range of herbaceous plant supports and obelisks. We carry obelisks in both wood and metal and of all price points. So have a look around and we may even have a special offer.