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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre 

The Gardeners' Garden Centre

Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

The Gardeners' Garden Centre



Climbers have great versatility within the garden,adding structure, adding colour and hiding unsightly walls and fences. They can an incredibly useful tool for adding more vertical colour into the garden. With a wide range of colours, flowering times, and foliar colour, theres always a plant to suit the need.

At Tamar View we have a large selection of locally grown climbers, both evergreen and deciduous.

In our alphabetical range you will find all your common favourites such as Jasmine, Hydrangea, Wisteria, Passion Flower, Honeysuckle, Ivy, Virginia Creeper and of course the clematis!

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Clematis is of course the widest selection we stock in all colours and varieties. We stock The evergreen varieties such as Clematis armandii and the larger growing Clematis montana varieties. The montana varieties being the perfect plant for quick growing and heavy flowering climber.

We also stock the large flowering hybrids.  these have a huge range and come in a huge range of colours. We like to stock the bestfavourites alongside some different and more unusual varieties.

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