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Heathers & Alpines


Classed as low growing evergreen shrubs, Heather add a wonderful mix of colours and textures for all year round colour. With certain varieties being Winter/ Spring flowering, and others Summer/ autumn flowering.

Spring/ Summer varieties are the families labelled as Erica carnea, Erica x darleyensis and Erica erigena. These types cope well with most soil types.

Summer /Autumn varieties are Calluna vulgaris family,and usually require an acid soil and a lighter soil structure.

We stock a wide range of heather including tree heathers throughout the year. Usually focusing on in colour varieties for the season. 

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We keep in stock a wide and varied selection of alpines all year round. Alpines are excellent little low growing plants suitable for rock gardening, small rockeries, and even planters and rooftops.

Alpines are geberally low growing and live with little to no soil, originating from above the tree lines, in low waterfall areas, with cold dry winters. Alpines are ideal for sunny, dry and poor soil locations.

Some of the more common and popular plants stocked are thyme, oxalis, arabis, helianthemum, semperivivum,geranium, sedum, campanula and gentiana.

The range and varieties are huge and we like to to stock as wide a rnage as possible. So why not start a small rock garden or alpine bed. For advice on these feel free to ask one of our knowledgable team for advice.

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