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How to ... Choose the correct compost




  • Multipurpose compost is fantastic for use on most plants, but specific use composts have strong advantages over a multipurpose.
  •  Multipurpose is fantastic for mixed planting such as bedding plants, planting out, and general potting up.
  •  Specific purpose composts such as seed compost, john innes range, and have specific feeds or blends to compliment growth best.
  •  For example, seed compost is low nutrient and very free draining, allowing slow strong growth over quick ’leggy’ growth.

Miracle Gro All Purpose is an excellent multipurpose compost with added feed which Tamar staff have had very good success with.


Peat Based?

  • Peat is a useful media for growing in, however due to environmental reasons many are choosing to use a reduced peat or peat free alternative. 
  •  Alternatives include New horizon compost and Sylvagrow,
  •  We also stock Organic Garden Compost a peat free soil improver and top dressing.

Sylvagrow compost is our most premium peat free compost with added 100% environmentally sourced ingredients.





  •  Plants require certain soil pH (acidity) to thrive
  •  Ericaceous basically means acidic compost and is generally used for acid loving plants like blueberries, rhododendrons, camellias, pieris and dogwood among many others.
  •  Ask our nursery for advice if your unsure  

GroSure Ericaceous compost is ideal for all acid loving plants. With less peat and open structure, it’s a good multipurpose.




Soil/ Loam Based?


  •  Loam based basically means soil based. These are a mix of sand, silt and clay (ie soil) and soil based composts usually contain some peat and fertilisers. This is the John Innes range. 


  •  Organic has two meanings in horticulture.
  •  Firstly, it simply means organic matter. A product can have added organic matter (ie rotted leaves, stems and garden matter)
  •  Secondly, it can mean without chemicals or manmade additives. (ie soil association organic). These products are much more expensive due to the restraints growing organically pose.


SupaGrow organic garden compost is an excellent soil improver made of 100% recycled garden compost, which will enrich the soil naturally






Which John Innes?

  •  John Innes Seed

- Ideal free draining low nutrient for seed germination and cuttings.


  •  John Innes 1

- Ideal for seedlings, plug plants and cuttings


  •  John Innes 2

- Ideal for small, young plants being potted on


  •  John Innes 3

- The richest of the collection, ideal for

mature plants, shrubs, fruit , roses, and final potting on.


John Innes 3 is the richest and most used John Innes, useful for mature shurbs and plants , final planting out and mixing to enrich a multipurpose compost