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How to ... Make Hanging Baskets that Bloom!!



Start by making some holes in the plastic liner for drainage. Add enough compost to half– fill the basket.





Add some water –retaining granules (watergel/aquagel) to the compost and mix. This is optional but recommended for summer as it increases water uptake and retention in the soil. Another option would be to use moisture control compost instead.




Add some fertiliser. We use slow-release feed, either the loose feed or the tablets as shown here. You will need about 3 tablets or 2-3 tsp of loose feed for a 14 inch basket.



DSC01169 (2).jpg



Top Tip: It is useful to rest round-bottomed baskets in a plant pot for stability whilst planting up. We find it helps a lot!




You need to choose at least one upright habit plant for the centre such as upright geraniums, fuchsias or nemesia etc. The rest can all be trailing and will be placed around the central upright plant(s). Here, we have used an upright (bush) fuchsia.



DSC01168 (2).jpg



You do not need to use 10 plants for one basket, we just like to fill it quickly! Six plants is adequate and will soon fill a 14 inch basket when grown. Once planted, add compost to fill the basket leaving at least an inch to the rim for watering. Firm the compost in well. 





The finished article! During the summer months make sure you deadhead finished flowers regularly. If the basket starts to look like it needs an extra boost you could also water on soluble feed. Patio and bedding plants need plenty of food to do all that lovely flowering.

Finally, sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to water regularly!