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Tamar View Nurseries Garden Centre

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Whiskey Bowls


Charming and traditional in style, the Whiskey Bowls water feature is a fantastic way to add character to your outdoor space.

This calming and seamless flow of water begins with the replica of an antique water pump spilling into two cascading half-whiskey barrels below. A mains-powered water pump recirculates water from the bottom bowl back to the top of the unit using the bottom bowl as a reservoir.

It’s easy to set up. All you need to do is fill it with water and plug it in. Furthermore, as it’s a self-contained fountain, no additional plumbing or wiring is required.


Weight 3.28 Kg
Dimensions L 48 cm x W 50 cm x H 67 cm




Product Type


Wire length

Pump wattage


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